Prompt & Reliable

At PHAT Services Ltd, our goal is to provide professional and affordable transportation services across the local Andover area. Our fully managed, trustworthy service allows you to spend more time on what’s important to you. Just leave the rest to us. We know Andover inside and out, ensuring you can sit back, relax, and rely on us to get you where you need to go.


Making it easier to get the lift you want at the time you need it

Looking for a top-notch Private Hire/Taxi Service? Allow us to introduce ourselves. We're PHAT Services Ltd and our team of pros are available whenever you need us. The founder of PHAT Services Ltd, Adam Phillips, was fed up with having to call several firms, one after the other, so set up 'Andover Private Hire and Taxi Services' Group on Facebook. On here, you can search several firms all at once, with one request! 
Since the success of the Facebook page, PHATS has developed a brand new app too - earning you loyalty points, searching several firms at once and ensuring that if there's a firm you like to use, time and time again - that you get them time and time again. There are currently 28 firms on the page and 7 on the App **COMING SOON**



Saving You Time



Are you interested in a transportation service with years of experience? We make it a point to ensure you get the highest quality service around the clock. Our Private Car Pickup services are set apart from the rest by our consistency, reliability, communication and quality. Every member of our team is highly skilled, work is timely and satisfaction is guaranteed.


Sometimes getting where you need to go can be more than just a job, it can be an enjoyable experience. With our VIP Service services, that’s what we set out to do. We know how important it is for your journey to not only be worry free, but to be a joy. Talk to us and we’ll make sure you get the results you’re after, including guaranteed quality service at an affordable price. Contact us for more info or to reserve a ride.

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Andover, UK




The Legal Stuff

Please read carefully, it's important that you understand what data we take and where it goes.



By using this app, you authorise PHAT Services Ltd to pass your details to 3rd parties.

The 3rd Party in this case are other private hire and taxi firms, licenced by Test Valley Borough Council.

No information or data is passed on other than that which is required in order to complete a job.

Information required to complete a job request includes:

- Name of person(s) being picked up

- Pick up location(s)

- Drop off location(s)

- Contact Number

- Date of pick up

- Time of pick up

- Whether a card reader is required

- Whether a wheelchair is required

By asking PHAT Services Ltd to provide a lift for you, you are willingly giving them your information, which may be passed to another licenced operator in Test Valley, to complete your request.

Information about your trip will be stored by PHAT Services Ltd for 2 years, which is in accordance with the PHAT Services Ltd operating licence, as set out by Test Valley Borough Council. Private Hire firms are required to have an operating licence, so any other private firms who pick you up will also be obliged to store details and information about your journey.

We will obtain your name, email, mobile number and date of birth in order for us to keep in contact with you, request customer feedback and may well be able to provide exclusive deals for you (Such as your birthday).

PHAT Services Ltd will keep record of your data and will not pass on or sell any information to any other firm including - marketing companies/ surveying/ data participation companies, this list is not exhaustive. The only people that will keep a record of your information are the operators from Test Valley, licenced by Test Valley Borough Council, which they are obliged to do in accordance with their operating licences. 

In the event that you wish to view any information about yourself, all you have to do is email asking and we will provide the data asked and required.  

In the event that you wish to cancel your membership and remove all data about yourself, all you have to do is email us and we will remove all data that we hold. We will have to hold any details about any trips that you have requested for a period of 2 years, in accordance with our operating licence. We will send your request to remove all data held to Test Valley Borough Council, prior to removing this information, to ensure that they are satisfied that it is a genuine request and to ensure that we (PHAT Services Ltd) Isn't in breach of their operators licence. 


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